Inventing health - Israeli innovations

Inventing health: Israeli innovations - Part 2

  •   Israel is a world leader in both innovation and medicine. Combine the two and you get great inventions that prevent, heal and monitor many health conditions.
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    Inventing health: Israeli innovations in life sciences Inventing health: Israeli innovations in life sciences Copyright: MFA video
    Know an Alzheimer's patient? Israeli innovators have produced a system that combines magnetic brain stimulation with cognitive training to produce better results than either therapy applied separately.
    Want to check the blood flow to your brain? A new Israeli devise does that, non-invasively monitoring blood velocity, especially for stroke victims.
    Bedridden but need a lift? The most innovative hospital bed in the world can take you from a prone position to standing with the press of a single button.
    These are just a few of the innovations on display, in this, the second of two videos about Israeli innovation in life sciences.