Education for Sustainable Development 2012

Israel Trains Kenyan Educators

  •   Education towards Sustainable Development: Training for Kenyan Educators
    Israel has continued to fulfil her pledge to boost Kenya’s education through teacher training.
    Thursday June 21, 2012, saw the end of the third course on “Education Towards Sustainable Development (ESD)” - Training for Educators in Kenya. The training program is offered on scholarship basis by the State of Israel.
    The program adheres to the understanding that the promotion and implementation of ESD should become an integral element in school curriculum, and that the path to establish institutions based on the tenets of ESD requires thorough, long-term development and support activities.
    The target audience for the program is decision makers with key roles in ministries of education, curriculum developers, municipal education department directors, directors of in-service training for teachers on the national level, pedagogical inspectors and school principals focusing on environmental and social awareness concerns. Until now 90 Kenyan educators have participated in this training among them the Deputy Minister for Education – Hon. Calist Mwatela, MP.
    Hon. Calist Mwatela (left, standing) with other Educators making a solar
    oven - ESD Course of 2011

    The trainings have been taking place at the A. Ofri International Training Center established in 1989 as a professional extension of MASHAV (Israels Agency for International Development Cooperation) whose activities are targeted to meet the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Since its inception, the A. Ofri Center has trained thousands of professionals from countries throughout the world. The Center cooperates with senior staff in the Israeli Ministry of Education, academic experts, governmental organizations and non-governmental organizations. In addition, it communicates and cooperates with key international organizations such as UNESCO, OECD, USAID, UNODC, OAS, IOM and the World Bank. In adopting the UNs MDGs, the A. Ofri Center contributes to the sustainable development of human resources internationally, based on knowledge and experience accumulated in Israel.