Agritech Israel 2012 Exhibition

Agritech Israel Exhibition

  •   Kenyan Delegation to Agritech Israel 2012
    The Agritech Israel 2012 agricultural exhibition took place in Tel Aviv on 15 – 17 May, 2012. Prominent figures from various countries were among the thousands who visited the exhibition, which showcased innovations, developments and inventions in the fields of agriculture and related technologies. The main subjects for the exhibition included irrigation, water management, greenhouses, and the dairy industry.

    Kenya had a delegation of over 120 participants who were drawn from various sectors. Among them included the Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Four Members of the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture, livestock and cooperatives, Officials from State Corporations (such as the National Irrigation Board, Agricultural Finance Corporation; Agricultural Society of Kenya, Kenya Agricultural Research Institute, Kenya Seed Company), Private Sector Companies, Farmers,  and Officials from the Ministry of Water and Irrigation and the Ministry of Agriculture. The delegation also included Barclays Bank of Kenya Business Club which had over 60 members who are drawn from various background. Earlier on in March, Kenyan Journalists were among the 28 select journalists from various countries who participated in a three-day press junket where they visited a variety of projects involving irrigation methods, research and development, desert agriculture, vineyards, international agricultural cooperation and dairy farming, and met with industrialists and academics.

    The results of participating in the conference have started to be evident. For Instance, the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture, in its report on Budget estimates for the Ministry of Agriculture, has proposed they implement a pilot study on drip irrigation in selected areas and the redirection of 2.5 billion Shillings budgeted for flood irrigation to drip irrigation by the end of next month. The team also wants the State to implement contract farming and drip irrigation in partnership with irrigation agencies.

    Agritech has become a tradition for farmers as well as decision-makers in the field of agriculture. Agritech 2012 was a great learning experience - for lay people and professionals alike. It was a place for making contacts, for opening new doors - for buyers and sellers. It was also a professional summit meeting for all who deal in the field of agriculture, in Israel and abroad. The Economic / Commercial Department of the Embassy continues to Encourage people from all spheres in Kenya to participate in trade fairs, exhibitions and other events taking place in Israel, for their benefit.