“Israel and India solidify ties in Homeland Security”

Israel,India solidify ties in Homeland Security  

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    The Governments of Israel and India have today signed a number of agreements on cooperation in legal assistance and Public and Homeland Security. 
    Israel views these agreements as a part of the ongoing efforts by both countries in the war against terror, which are based on the shared determination to protect their citizens, their assets and their interests.
    We believe that these agreements are another important platform for the cooperation between our countries and we would like to express our appreciation for the leadership of the Ministry of Home Affairs in this regard.
    Israel’s Minister of Public Security, Mr. Yitzhak Aharonovich said: “Today is an important day.  These agreements that were signed are a fine example of our substantial and equal partnership with India.  The various types and forms of threats the two countries face make this cooperation an indispensable one.  Terror is a global threat and only through cooperation between allies can peace-seeking countries overcome such threats.”
    The Ambassador of Israel in India, Alon Ushpiz remarked: “The unconditional commitment we share with India to protect the lives of our citizens is the bedrock of these agreements. By joining hands in this important field, whether it is through technology or through investment in the crucial human resource, we will be able also to better ensure the continuing development of our societies and economies.”