Agricultural affairs

Agricultural Affairs

  •   Indo-Israel Centre of Excellence for Vegetables Inaugurated in Haryana
    Israel is a world leader in Agriculture. Israel's pioneering efforts in water management, dairt industry, green houses, seeds and horticulture has turned its desert green.​
    • Israel–India Cooperation in Agriculture
      Israel is a world leader in advanced agriculture technologies.
      Israel’s success lies in the determination and ingenuity of farmers and scientists, and in the close cooperation between R&D and industry. These characteristics have created a flourishing agriculture sector amidst a difficult environment with limited ground and water resources.
      Amongst the many fields in which Israel and India collaborate, agriculture has always been front and centre. This cooperation includes structured interactions between governments, experts and most important – farmers. This comprises of bilateral sharing of knowledge and technologies, establishment of Centres of Excellence in various agriculture sectors across India, exchange visits of experts and farmers and Post-doctoral scholarships for Indian agriculture researchers in Israel.
      This cooperation, based on proper adaptation, implementation and assimilation of Israeli agro-technologies and extension procedures, is taking a significant part in India’s 2nd Green Revolution.
      All of the above activities focus on implementation and assimilation of the latest agricultural practices and techniques used in Israel today, including:
      ·       Use of marginal, saline and recycled water for irrigation
      ·       Implementation of advanced micro irrigation and fertigation methods to maximize yield and save water
      ·       Development of proper nursery standards for production of disease-free seedlings of vegetables and orchards
      ·       Use of protected cultivation which allows growing out of season increases yield and decreases pesticide use.
      ·       Intensification and improvement of productivity of horticultural crops by controlling drainage, plant protection and canopy management, introduction of new varieties, hybrid seeds and new rootstock.
      ·       Post harvest technologies which allow longer shelf life and promise higher quality of fresh produce.
      In accordance with the Agriculture Cooperation Agreement signed between the two countries in 2008, and with the three year work plan finalized between the Ministries of Agriculture of India and Israel in 2011, Indo-Israel agriculture cooperation projects are in various stages of implementation in 10 states across India:
      ·        Haryana – Two Centres of Excellence are fully operational - one for vegetables in Gharaunda, Karnal and one for fruits in Mangiana, Sirsa. Following the success of these centres, the government of Haryana has already announced its intention to establish numerous similar centres across the state.
       ·        Maharashtra – Work is being done to establish three Centres of Excellence - a citrus Centre in Nagpur, a pomegranate Centre in Rahuri, a Kaisar mango Centre in Aurangabad and an Alphonso mango Centre in Dapoli.
       ·        Tamil Nadu – A Centre of Excellence for vegetables is planned in Dindigul and a Centre of Excellence for flowers is planned in Krishnagiri.
       ·        Rajasthan – A Centre of Excellence for pomegranate is being built in Bassi, as well as a Centre of Excellence for vegetables. Two more Centres are planned for citrus in Kota and for dates in Jaisalmer.
       ·        Punjab – Two Centres of Excellence will be inaugurated this year. A Centre of Excellence  for citrus in Hoshiyapur and a Centre of Excellence for vegetables in Jalandar.
       ·        Gujarat – Two Centres of Excellence are planned to be established: one for mango in Junagadh and one for vegetables in Vadrad.
       ·        Karnataka – Three initial plans for the establishment of Centres of Excellence are discussed: one for mango in Kolar, one for pomegranate in Bagalkot and one for vegetables in Belgaum.
      In addition, work is underway to establish an agriculture cooperation project in UP, West Bengal and Bihar.
      The abovementioned projects are conducted by the following organizations:
       On the Israeli side: The Embassy of Israel in New DelhiMASHAV - Israel's Agency for International Development Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and CINADCO - The Centre for International Agricultural Development Cooperation within the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
       On the Indian side: National Horticulture MissionNational Horticulture Board and Indian States Horticulture Departments
      Mr. Uri Rubinstein, Counsellor for International Cooperation (MASHAV), Science & Agriculture at the Embassy of Israel in New Delhi:
      “The Indo-Israel cooperation in agriculture is taking a significant part of the process of India becoming a world leader in food production and supply. The repeated exchange visits of Israeli and Indian experts and the follow-up on mutually agreed recommendations will guarantee rapid growth in the yield and quality of produce, and will surely benefit the Indian farmers and consumers”.
    • Articles in Indian Media

    • ​​Israel to host horticulture officers from India 01.06.2013


      As part of the cooperation in agriculture between Israel and India, 26 senior horticulture officers from 12 States across India, will leave for Israel next week for a training program on modern irrigation and fertigation Technologies. Officers from Haryana, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Goa, Gujarat, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha, Punjab, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu, will participate in the program, organized by MASHAV, Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation, and CINADCO, the Centre for International Agriculture Development Cooperation in Israel's Ministry of Agriculture.


      Reaping Israeli Fruit on Indian Soil - Tehelka 14 July, 2012
      Olive trees, around 14,000 of them spread across 30 hectares, dot the desert land. This is the Bakliya farms, one of seven such farms in Rajasthan, result of an Indo-Israeli agricultural venture.
      Israel proposes date farming in state - Times of India July 19, 2012
      After experimenting with olives in Rajasthan with a private company, Israel government is in talks with the state government to grow dates in Jaisalmer.
      Centre of Excellence for Mango in Haryana - Business Standard July 5, 2012
      Haryana government has decided to set up a Centre of Excellence for mango in collaboration with Israel at Ladwa in district Kurukshetra at a cost of Rs. 5 crore.
      Dairy farming has a huge scope and bright future in the state, Badal said at the valedictory function of the two-day state-level seminar on 'Advanced Technology in Dairy Farming' organised by the Punjab Dairy Development Board here at state institute of Health and Family Welfare.
      Lessons from Israel’s innovation - The Tribune June 5, 2012
      Israel can help states like Haryana and Punjab in managing waste, packing, cold storage, dairy processing and recycling sewerage water for use in agriculture.
      The farmers from Gujarat are eyeing better quality of crop as well as more produce with lesser use of water and pesticides. It is for the first time that such huge participation of farmers from India including Gujarat has been seen. From Gujarat & Maha alone, over 1,200 farmers are participating.
      Indo-Israel Centre of Excellence for Vegetables Inaugurated In Haryana
      Jan. 17, 2011
      Taking the agricultural cooperation between India and Israel a step ahead, Union Agriculture Minister Mr. Sharad Pawar, Chief Minister of Haryana Mr. Bhupinder Singh Hooda and Ambassador of Israel Mr. Mark Sofer inaugurated today the first Centre of Excellence of Vegetables at Gharaunda in district Karnal, Haryana.