Consulate General of Israel in Montreal


Please note that handbags are not allowed in the consulate. Please bring your belongings to the lockers located in the security office on the C floor next to the elevators.
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Statement by AmbProsor to the UN Security Council

Israeli response to UNHRC Commission of Inquiry


Israel is studying the Commission of Inquiry Report (COI) from the United Nations’ Human Rights Council (UNHRC). However, some initial comments can be made about the COI process in general:​

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Statement by AmbProsor to the UN Security Council

PM Netanyahu's Ramadan greetings


The Islamic world is marking the month of Ramadan even as the Middle East burns in the wake of civil wars and religious wars between Sunnis and Shi'ites. Israel will continue to be an island of security and stability in the stormy sea around us.

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Statement by AmbProsor to the UN Security Council

The 2014 Gaza Conflict: Factual and Legal Aspects


Factual and Legal Aspects of the 2014 Gaza Conflict The 2014 Gaza Conflict was a peak in the ongoing armed conflict waged against Israel for over a decade by terrorist organizations operating from the Gaza Strip.

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Consul General Ziv Nevo Kulman

Ziv Nevo Kulman has been serving as Consul General of Israel in Montreal since September 2014.​​​​​​


Consulate General of Israel in Montreal
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Tel: (514)940-8500 Please note the phone reception is open ONLY from 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Fax: (514)940-8555

Monday To Friday ​



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    • 10.07.2015
      Consul General of Israel in Montreal, Ziv Nevo Kulman, the Deputy Consul, Avi Lev-Louis and the Consulate’s team hosted two young Canadians who are about to embark on a complete tour of duty in the Israel Defense Forces
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    • 19.06.2015
      Last week, the UNSG published his annual report on children and armed conflict. With all the regimes and organizations that intentionally & strategically target children all around the world, it is simply absurd that this report focuses on Israel.
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    How can peace be achieved?
    The dream of a future in which Israeli and Arab children can grow up free from the threat of war and the fear of terrorism unites all Israelis. However, the long history of failed negotiati ...
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