Rosh Hashana Message from the CG

    Shalom dear Friends,


    On the eve of our holiest days, I feel honored and privileged to address my best wishes for the year 5773 to all my Jewish brothers and sisters in Quebec.

    During the past year, the Consulate General of Israel in Montreal has worked hard to strengthen political, economic and cultural ties and exchanges with Quebec, while making many inroads with the Quebecois mainstream.

    We look back with satisfaction and see that we had a successful visit of the President of the State of Israel to Montreal, a visit of the President of Quebec National Assembly to Jerusalem, the Mayor of Montreal leading one of the biggest delegation of businessman and academics to Israel, members of the Knesset who visited the province and numerous academic and business joint projects. 

    Israeli artists performed in the field of music, dance and literature and our movies were applaud in every festival.

    Furthermore, we were able to present Israel outside the metropolis outreaching to all communities in Quebec.

    We hope that next year will be able to continue to strengthen and deepen our good relations for the benefit of our both people.

    At home, meanwhile, Israelis have continued to face many significant challenges including the persistence of missile attacks on our southern communities and the ongoing threat of a nuclear-armed Iran, the uncertainty regarding the future in Egypt and Syria and the stubborn refusal of the Palestinians to return to the negotiation table.

    Israelis, however, remain as resilient and determined as ever and have continued to build a prosperous and thriving society, one that values creativity and innovation, while pursuing the hope that we will one day live in peace with all of our neighbors.

    Our rich history and Jewish heritage has always allowed us – in good times and in bad – to draw inspiration from our prophets and the pioneering Zionists who have made our nation the wonderful and dynamic place that it is today.

    In 5773, the solidarity and unity that has been characteristic of your community will be as precious as ever.

    On behalf of the State of Israel I thank you for your continued love and support and wish you and your families a sweet New Year blessed with peace, health and happiness.

    May you be inscribed in the book of llife.


    Shana Tova!


    Sincerely yours,

    Joël Lion

    Consul General​