Remarks from the Consul General for Yom Hashoah

Remarks from the Consul General for Yom Hashoah

    Réunis aujourd’hui, nous voulons commémorer la mémoire de ceux et celles qui ont péris aux mains des Nazis Allemands et de leurs aides des autres nations.

    Mais nous voulons aussi nous souvenir de ceux, si nombreux, qui avaient décidé de combattre les cruels ennemis, dans les ghettos, les camps de la mort, les trains, les forêts et pendant les marches forcées. 

    Ces combattants de l’ombre ont montré que les Nazis étaient vulnérables et ont donné du courage et de l'espoir à des centaines et des milliers de juifs C’est ce courage que nous célébrons aujourd’hui.

    Permettez-moi de parler quelques instants de mon grand-père, André, Abraham, Becher. Arrêté, avec mon arrière-grand-père, par la police française en Février 1943, interné au camp du Douadic, il réussit à s’enfuir et rejoint le maquis de l’Indre pour combattre les Nazis et sauver le plus de monde possible. 

    Mon arrière-grand-père, Mayer Lieberman, né en 1886 à Boryslaw en Pologne, n’a pas réussi à le suivre, il fut transféré à Drancy et le 6 Mars 1943 déporté dans le convoi 51 vers Sobibor où il fut gazé le 9 Mars.

    It is our duty to make sure that Jews will never be killed again only because they are Jews.

    But the anti-Semitic beast is still alive.

    According to the Kantor Center of the Tel Aviv University, Anti-Semitism rose last year by 30%, in France 200 cases were registered, 99 in the US, 84 in Britain and 74 in Canada.

    In Canada it was not as violent as in France, but we witnessed Graffiti on schools and Jewish homes, gravestones desecrated, anti-Semitic rhetoric on TV and radio and Jewish students wearing a kipa being molested.

    Governments, and among them the Canadian, are denunciating any act of anti-Semitism, but does the general public really understand what’s about?

    Sometimes the old anti-Semitism is cloaked in a new package called anti-Zionism, but the motifs are the same: the Israelis i.e. the Jews are dangerous; they control the media and the world finance.

    If we don’t answer strongly to the calls to destroy the Jewish State, if we don’t show the correlation between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism, then we are doomed to see the ancient dark shadows of the past resurrecting from their ashes.

    We cannot be quiet when the Turkish Prime Minister calls Zionism a crime against humanity. It was at a United Nations forum in Vienna and what disturbs me most is the fact that no one left the room in protest against these remarks.

    We have to take seriously the remarks of Senior Iranian leaders, presidential advisers and religious authorities claiming that Zionists are "microbes" and "bacteria" and a "cancerous growth." "Jews are very filthy people," who are responsible for spreading disease and drug abuse.

    We have to answer when the ayatollahs claim that it is a duty to "fight the Jews and vanquish them so that the conditions for the advent of the Hidden Imam will be met."

    We have to be concerned when last week on Palestinian leader Hanan Ashrawi's NGO "Miftah" website the following question is asked:
    “Does Obama in fact know the relationship between "Passover" and "Christian blood" ..?!
    Much of the chatter and gossip about historical Jewish blood rituals in Europe are real and not fake as they claim; the Jews used the blood of Christians in the Jewish Passover ...”

    The Shoa in Europe began also with words.

    So if you don’t want that the motto: “never again” stays empty of deeds, you have to take action and do something, teach what happened, fight any sign of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism and show to the last survivors that you really mean it when you say “never again”

    The State of Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people has to be strong in order to fight these ideologies all over the world, to ensure that a Jew would be free to live wherever it pleases him.

    Earlier today, Beny Gantz, the chief of staff of the Israeli army said in Auschwitz: “The state of Israel is the guarantor that such atrocities won’t happen again and Tsahal is the fortification of the National Home, the safe haven for the Jewish people”

    Two weeks ago, in Jerusalem, President Obama said it also clearly:
    “The state of Israel does not exist because of the Holocaust, but with the survival of a strong Jewish state of Israel, such a holocaust will never happen again.”

    Let me conclude with the words of the prophet Malachi:
    כי אני ה׳ לא שניתי , ואתם בני יעקב לא כליתם
    In a free translation it means: children of Jacob, I'm Hashem and I haven't changed my mind on you that's why you never will be wiped out.