President Peres receives ambassadors'credentials 28 May 2013

President Peres receives ambassadors' credentials

  •   President Peres receives the credentials of new ambassadors to Israel
    ​President Peres: "Israel is your home - we expect to cooperate in a wide range of areas and to strengthen the relationship between our countries"
  • President Peres with new Greek ambassador, His Excellency Spyridon Lampridis. Photo: GPO/Mark Neiman
    (Communicated by the Office of the President)
    Upon taking up their appointments as ambassadors of their respective countries in Israel, the ambassadors of Bulgaria, Ghana, Greece, Latvia and Guyana this morning (Tuesday 28 May 2013) presented their credentials to President Shimon Peres.
    The five new ambassadors expressed their gratitude at being granted the right to serve in Israel and to contribute to the strengthening of the bilateral relationships between the two countries, adding they were looking forward to developing the relationship between their countries and Israel.
    President Peres wished them success, and stated that: "You have arrived in a friendly nation, which from now on is your new home. Israel will do all it can to stand alongside you and assist you in your endeavors to strengthen the economic, scientific and strategic relationship between our countries"
    The five new ambassadors thanked the President, and said: "We are excited to be in Israel and to represent our countries during this important period. We will do all we can to strengthen the relationship between our countries."