PM Netanyahu’s remarks after his meeting with Italian PM Monti

PM meets Italian PM Monti

  •   PM Netanyahu’s remarks after his meeting with Italian PM Monti
    ​(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)
    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today (Sunday, 8 April 2012) made the following remarks after his meeting with Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti:
    “Israel’s policy on Iran has not changed nor has Israel’s policy on what needs to happen in the talks between Iran and the P-5+1. We have seen in the past how Iran uses the talks in order to try and delay and deceive the West. Therefore, the demands need to be clear: One, stop all enrichment of uranium, both 20% and 3%. Two, move all enriched material out of Iran’s territory; it is possible to give them alternative material for peaceful purposes. Three, dismantle the illegal facility in Qom.
    These three things are Israel’s clear demands. Naturally, we will monitor the talks to see that Iran does not use them in order to deceive the world and continue with its nuclear program.
    We are now celebrating the Festival of Freedom. I think that the time has come to release Jonathan Pollard. He has already been punished. Israel has already expressed its regret over the matter. On humanitarian grounds, he needs to be allowed to finish his life honorably and to be given his personal freedom around the Jewish People’s Festival of Freedom. I wish everyone a Happy Passover.”
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    PM Netanyahu (GPO archive photo) PM Netanyahu (GPO archive photo)