Economic affairs

Economic affairs

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     Government of Israel Economic Mission to Canada

    The Mission’s mandate is to promote trade, investment opportunities and joint ventures between Canadian and Israeli companies. The activities encompass all of Canada and are conducted through the Mission’s offices in Toronto and Montreal.

    For more information please follow the Economic Mission on their blog.


    Key activities

    • Assisting Israeli companies in marketing their products and technologies in Canada through the Mission’s extensive network of commercial and corporate contacts.
      The above contacts include: links to distributors; agents and dealers; business associations; investors; manufacturers and R&D entities. In addition, the Mission is in on-going contact with Canadian companies who are obliged to purchase from Israel under reciprocal buy-back agreements.
    • The Economic Mission guides Canadian companies and individuals in search of Israeli products and direct investments by linking them with Israeli sources, providing business information, as well as utilizing the Mission’s network and contacts in many sectors of Israel’s industry.
    • Encouraging Canadian companies and individuals to attend trade fairs, exhibitions, business conferences and other events taking place in Israel, through direct mailings, press releases and personal contacts.
    • The Economic Mission also organizes local trade events to promote Israeli technological and consumer products; conducting informative seminars on how to do business and direct investments in Israel. The Mission also works closely with the business community throughout Canada to enhance awareness of products available from Israel and newly developed technologies.
    • The Economic Mission is assisted by several Israeli based entities whose role is to promote Israel’s industry and exports: The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute, The Manufacturers Association of Israel, The Office of the Chief Scientist, The Israeli Center for R&D (MATIMOP), Israel’s Ministry of Defense (SIBAT), Israel Association of Electronic and Information Industries, Israel Association of Software Industries, and other organizations that provide information and links to Israel’s technologies, innovations and products.
    • The Mission collaborates with numerous Canadian entities such as ministries of economic development and trade on the federal and provincial levels, as well as by economic development offices, boards of trade and chambers of commerce in various local municipalities throughout Canada, and also by many grassroots volunteers.