Local Notary Information

Local Notary Information


    Consular/Visa Services: Notary Services and Certificates


    The Consular Department provides the following notarial services:

    Authentication of signatures on a provided power of attorney; declarations; certificates of non-criminal record; legalization of documents as true copies of originals; life certificates for the National Insurance Institute; authentication of official Quebec documents (birth, marriage, and divorce certificates) for Israel.


    In order for your documents to be processed, you must come to the Consular Department in person with a valid Israeli passport. If you are not Israeli, you must come with a passport or a valid ID. If a certain ID is mentioned in one of the documents that you would like to notarize, you must present that particular ID.


    The Consulate does not provide any ready-made power of attorney. You must come prepared with the relevant documentation which needs to be signed in front of the Consul. The processing time for document authentication is one day.


    The fee for this service is $18 for the first signature and $8 for each additional signature on the same paper, or copy. The payment is only by debit or credit card. Please note that the Consulate does not provide translation. Therefore, the documents should be translated in advance.The person signing must understand the language of the document.




    Certificate of Non-Criminal Record / Israeli police certificate

    Their are two different options to obtain a police certificate:

    1. You can apply directly online with the Israeli police.(http://www.mfa.gov.il/mfaheb/sherut/tfasim)

    If using this option, ONE MONTH after submitting the application you should contact us by email (consular2@montreal.mfa.gov.il / consular1@montreal/mfa/gov/il) to confirm that we have received your certificate. Once it has been confirmed that the document is in our office you are required to email the address of the office which has requested the certificate as well as to make a payment in order for the certificate to be forwarded to the requesting office via registered mail.

    2. You can apply in person by making an appointment on our website. You need to complete a form. To download the form, click: http://www.mfa.gov.il/mfaheb/sherut/tfasim. You are required to bring your passport, address of the office requesting a police clearance, a file number (if applicable) and a pre-paid registered envelope so that we will be able to forward the certificate to the requesting office. Please note that if you do not bring a pre-paid envelope with you, you will be charged $14 for one.


    Requirements for a certificate of non-criminal record:

    1. Application form (http://www.mfa.gov.il/mfaheb/sherut/tfasim)

    2. Appearing in person at the Consulate

    3. Your national passport

    4. The exact address of the organization where the certificate will be sent to, e.g. Embassy, Consulate or Immigration Authorities. The certificate cannot be given to the applicant him/herself or his/her lawyer but only to the institute that requested it.

    5. Fee: $15 (in Canada) and $25 (out of Canada) Credit or debit cards only please.


    The application form is sent to the Israeli police, and the certificate is received at the Consulate approximately 12 weeks later. It is usually sent out to the address provided on the very same day.





    Life Certificate:

     A person residing abroad who receives allowances from the State of Israel and must prove that he/she is alive may apply to the Consulate with an identifying document in order to get a life certificate.

     Requirements for life certificate:

    1. Appear in person at the Consulate

    2. Present a valid Israeli Passport

    3. Fee: $18 (credit or debit cards only please)


    Please note: the Consulate does not mail Life Certificates to “Bituach Leumi” in Israel. This must be done independently by the individual.