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About the Consulate


    The Consulate General of Israel serves Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces. As an official representative office of the Government of Israel, the Consulate is responsible for furthering relationships with national and local organizations, offices of public officials, businesses, cultural and academic institutes and citizens.

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    Contact Details

    Address:Consulate General of Israel in Montreal,
    Tel: (514)940-8500 Please note the phone reception is open ONLY from 2:00pm to 4:00pm
    Fax: (514)940-8555

    Reception Hours

    Monday To Friday ​





    NameJob titleE-mail
    Ziv Nevo KulmanConsul Generale-mail
    Avraham Lev-LouisConsule-mail
    Philippe PaquinDirector of Business Development - Government of Israel - Economic Mission to Canadae-mail
    Myriam Muyal-HassanAssistant to Consul Generale-mail
    Peter SubissatiDirector of Political and Public Affairse-mail
    Margaux ChetritDirector of Cultural Affairse-mail
     Director of New Media and Academic Affairse-mail
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    Please note that handbags are not allowed in the consulate. Please bring your belongings to the lockers located in the security office on the C floor next to the elevators.
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