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    Sunday, November 24
    Room 8616
    3 p.m.
    DAVID VALENTINE BERNARD on The Thirsty EarthDROR BURSTEIN on Netanya and MONTAGUE KOBBE on The Night of the Rambler
    Netanya's world release in English takes place on November 14th.
    Dror Burstein was born in 1970 in Netanya, Israel, and lives in Tel Aviv with his wife and two children. He was qualified as a lawyer, but has not practiced law. He started his study of literature and earned a Ph.D. in Hebrew literature at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2003), writing his thesis on the late Israeli author Jacob Shabtai under the tutelage of Prof. Dan Miron. He now teaches at the department of literature at the Tel Aviv University and is the editor of Helicon poetry magazine and books.
    Burstein has been awarded the Jerusalem Prize for Poetry (1997), the Ministry of Science and Culture Prize for Poetry (2002), the Prime Minister’s Prize (2005) and the Bernstein Prize (2005) for his first novel, Avner Brenner (2003), which was followed by a short-prose book, Twin Cities (2004).  Murderers (2006) was his second novel. He published a documentary book, Without a Single Case of Death (2007) about the Ghetto Fighter's Kibbutz (English translation, 2007). His later books are Kin (English translation by Dalya Bilu, Dalkey Archive Press, 2012) and Netanya (English translation by Todd Hasak-Lowy, Dalkey Archive Press, 2013). His latest novel, Sun's Sister, will be published in France (Actes Sud) in 2014.



    Date & Time:Sunday, 11.24.2013, 15:00 - 17:00Place:Downtown Miami Room 8616Organizer:Ariel
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