historic collaboration between the University of Chicago and Ben-Gurion University of Israe

Partnership between US and Israel focuses on water


    On June 23rd the University of Chicago and Ben-Gurion University of Israel announced a partnership on a series of research projects focused on fostering efforts to make drinking water cleaner, more accessible, and less expensive by 2020. In conjunction with Argonne National Laboratory in Lemont, IL and the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, MA, the two universities have committed more than $1 million to fund the first five projects.  

    Earlier this month, the first Israeli-Chicago Water Conference was held in Chiago.  Participants in the water forum included a contingent of high level professionals from the Chicago Water Department, as well as Directors of Public Utilities and Water Departments from Joliet, Naperville and Downers Grove, Illinois; a delegation from Kansas that included representatives from Topeka, Lawrence and Wichita, as well as an official from the Kansas Water Office. Other cities represented included Lincoln, Nebraska, South Bend, Indiana as well as the Director of the Water Technologies Initiative of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

    Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel visited Israel this past June and commented “While in totally different environments, their mission is the same: how to master the most promising research with the best minds to be at the forefront of research in water conservation”.


    The photo below shows Ben Gurion University President Professor Rivka Carmi and University of Chicago President Professor Robert Zimmer signing the water research agreement in the presence of President Shimon Peres of Israel and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on June 23, 2013. Photo by Dani Machlis/BGU

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