Washinton Post writes about Israel's water technologies

Washinton Post Article: Israel's water industry


    The Washington Post writes about the Water Technology and Environment Control Conference (WATEC) held in Tel Aviv last week. Governor Perry of TX and Governor Sandoval of NV led delegations from their states to WATEC, seeking new solutions, ideas & technologies to bring back to their arid states. Governor Perry was especially interested in Israel's reuse of its wastewater, where Israel recycles more than 80% of its effluents. 

    "Israel's exports of water products have tripled in the past five years and now total $2 billion, according to Israel’s economic ministry." says the Washington Post. The United States is currently Israel's biggest customer. 

    Israel is a global leader in desalination of seawater and it's total water consumption remains around the same as 1964 levels; even when the country's population has quadrupled to around 8 million people.  There are now 280 water technology companies in Israel.

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