The State of Florida & the State of Israel sign MOU Agreement

Florida & Israel sign MOU for Industrial R&D

  •   The State of Florida and the State of Israel sign Memorandum of Understanding for Industrial Research and Development
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     Copyright: Photo Credit Meredyth Hope Hall

    On Monday, October 21st, the Government of the State of Florida and the Government of the State of Israel signed an Agreement for Bilateral Cooperation in Private Sector Industrial Research and Development. Governor Rick Scott and Consul General Shacham signed the Agreement in Tallahassee, FL in the Governor's Office. Chris Snow from Space Florida, the entity that will be responsible for promoting and administering the objectives of the Agreement, attended the signing as well as Brent Sembler, Vice Chair of the Sembler Company, and Mrs. Sembler.


    Based on previous experiences in similar programs with other states, we regard the collaboration with Florida as an effective enabler for strengthening both states economies through innovation.  In addition, this Agreement will Promote mutually beneficial business-to-business cooperation to enhance opportunities for global market success.
    Overall, this Agreement will encourage innovation and entrepreneurship between Florida and Israel and we look forward to the new partnership!  Thank you to all who helped make this Agreement a reality!








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