Show your support for Israel in social media

Show your support for Israel through Social Media


    Show your support for Israel on the social media front

    We ask for your attention and your action on the social media front and online as follows:

    You will find photos with short explanations on the following Facebook page: in an album titled "ISRAEL UNDER FIRE". The page is regularly updated with photos featuring rocket strikes, civilians in shelters, and more.
    You can also follow the developments through YouTube clips on
    We ask you to please share our social media channels with volunteers and pro-Israeli activists, and, and encourage them to follow us. Please follow online activity, including forums where they discuss the situation in the Middle East, and respond to opposition hashtags such as #prayforgaza, #pray4gaza and #gazaunderattack. We would greatly appreciate your contribution in discussions held on Facebook where anti-Israeli activists vilify and blame Israel for being responsible for the situation
    We would like to re-emphasize that you may stay updated through our website ( or through our Twitter account (@IsraelinMiami, or use the hashtag #IsraelUnderFire, #pillarofdefence.
    Please watch and share the following youtube videos:


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