Paintings at Hillel honor Israel Air Force’s 65th anniversary

Paintings at UF Hillel Honor Israel Air Force’s

    Paintings at Hillel honor Israel Air Force’s 65th anniversary
    Rebekah McMurrain, Alligator Contributing Writer | Posted: Tuesday, July 30, 2013 12:00 am
    UF Hillel received two paintings by art duo Frank Martin and Judeen Young on Wednesday in honor of the 65th anniversary of the Israel Air Force.
    Both paintings are of aircrafts, and they signify the creation of Israel defense forces in the Israeli War of Independence in 1948.
    The art will be on display for four to six months at the Hillel, according to 20th Century Aviation Magazine’s website.
    “We’re very pleased to have these,” said Ralph Lowenstein, a veteran of Israel’s 1948 War of Independence and dean emeritus of UF’s College of Journalism and Communications. “It’s very well done. The art is superb.”
    At the age of 18, Lowenstein served as one of the youngest American volunteers in the war. He took a semester off from Columbia University in the summer of 1948 to contribute to the war, where he was smuggled into Israel and put into combat 10 days later.
    “The paintings depict some of the aircrafts used to win that war,” he said.
    Lowenstein was one of three who were present to receive the paintings. Keith Dvorchik, CEO and executive director of the UF Hillel and Gail Swedroe, assistant director and campus rabbi, were also there.
    The artworks are represented by Steven Greenwald Design. John Stemple of Aviation Promotions Inc. and J.R. Hafer of 20th Century Aviation Magazine delivered them to the Hillel, the website said.
    “John Stemple arranged to have two paintings donated to our Aliyah Bet museum,” said Blair DeLaet, office manager of the Hillel.
    The display includes an explanatory panel giving details about the paintings, she said.
    “Hillel is very lucky and honored to be displaying this artwork,” DeLaet said. “We haven’t had anything added in quite sometime, so it will definitely add a new perspective for people to come in and view.”


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