Legislative Breakfast Hosted by the Consulate

Florida-Israel Update at the Capitol


    The Consulate hosted a breakfast for all members of the Florida Legislature, Florida Cabinet and students from Hillel at Florida State University. During the breakfast, an update on the Florida-Israel relationship was provided. 

    CEO & President of Space Florida provided an update on the recent MOU Agreement was the signed between Florida and Israel and his recent trip to Israel where he attended the IIan Ramon Space Conference in Israel.  Representative Fullwood provided an update on his recent trip to Israel lead by AIPAC, which brought leaders from the African-American community to Israel for a week. 

    Students from Hillel at Florida State University received an opportunity to meet Florida legislators and discuss issues that they are passionate about such as Israel. 


     Representative Danish, Representative Stark, Senator Sachs, Representative Rogers, Consul General Shacham, Senator Sobel, Representative Berman, Chairman Hooper and Deputy Consul General Malca.
    Mr. Frank DiBello addresses the crowd.

    Representative Fullwood addresses the crowd.




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