Jewish Journal Reports on Learning innovative water technologies

Jewish Journal Reports on Water Technology Event

  •   Jewish Journal Reports on: Learning innovative water technologies

    ​The Jewish Journal reports on the Innovative Water Technology Seminar held August 29th in downtwon Miami.  The event was co-hosted with Greenberg Traurig and the Israeli Consulate to showcase innovative water technologies from Israel and how they can be incorporated in Florida's water management practices. 

    In adiditon, the Seminar highlighted investment strategies in Israel and the WATEC (Water Technology and Environmental Control Exhibit Conference) coming up in October and held in Israel. Commissioner Adam Putnam and Professor Noah Galil from the Technion University served as the keynote speakers during the event.

    Deputy Consul General Revital Malca spoke to the Jewish Journal during the event. "We are promoting Israel's technologies," said Revital Malca. "We have a big conference coming up that takes place every two years. It's an international trade show [Water Technology and Environmental Control Exhibit and Conference in Tel Aviv from Oct.22-24] and we're encouraging local companies to go to Israel to visit the conference and as a result of that to have cooperation with Israeli companies. Any business cooperation can help both countries."

    The Jewish Journal interviewed one of the panelists, Ian MacLeod from Master Meter, who commented on what he hopes the guests can take away from the Seminar. "I hope they get an awareness and excitement about Israel's contributions to technology and water space and the story of how a country with no water in a desert environment is forcing new thinking and a new approach," MacLeod said.

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