Israel Independence Day Pic-Nic

Independence Day Picnic celebration

    Held in Miami every year by the Florida Israel Friendship League is a great Independence Day Picnic celebration. One year after the opening of the Israeli American Council offices in Miami, the organization joined forces with the Florida Israel Friendship League and the Israeli Consulate to Florida .  This year was a fantastic celebration with around 7,000 people in attendance held at Oleta State Park in North Miami Beach.  Furhtermore, the Independence Day Picnic Celebration this year surpassed the number of attendees in all previous years!
    The event included a bicycle tour, a convoy of motorcycles and cars, and jets flew over the skies of Miami. A variety of artists attended and performed at the event.  Nancy Brandes guided the event, along with Rinat Queen and singer Idan Yaniv.  Hope to see you at the Picnic next year!
    Photos below are courtesy of Erez Kashi from Panda Productions.



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