Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs

  •   Director of Academic Affairs - Samantha Lerman

    Samantha Lerman is the Director of Academic Affairs. or 305-925-9412


    The Office of Academic Affairs is the liaison between Israel and the educational communities of Florida & Puerto Rico. 

    The mission of the office is to foster cooperation with academic institutions, faculty and students by making available Israel related information, programs and activities, including coordinating speakers, exhibits, printed and electronic information, conferences and various seminars addressing issues in Israeli society. Together with the Cultural Affairs Department; an emphasis is also placed on bringing Israeli culture to campus through music, art, theatre and other creative channels.


    Speakers Bureau:
    The Consulate provides English, Spanish, and Hebrew speakers who address topics relating to the State of Israel. Audiences can hear Israel updates as well as a variety of topics relating to Israel through our Speakers Bureau. From the Consulate’s diplomats to Israeli academics on sabbatical in the United States; there are many speakers to choose from.
    Read more: Speakers Bureau 
    Israel Advocacy Tools:
    The Academic Affairs Department at the Consulate is an abundant resource for students on high school and university campuses. We have a variety of innovative speakers, posters, books, maps, pamphlets, movies, artists and magazines for advocacy purposes on your campus.




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