Economic Affairs

Economic Affairs

  •   Director of Economic Affairs - Lisa McClaskey

    The Economic Affairs Department at the Consulate focuses on increasing commercial relations between Israel, Florida and Puerto Rico. This includes bilateral trade, partnerships and investment.

    We believe that Florida and Puerto Rico provide a strong base to build relationships with Israel. South Florida, in particular, is the gateway to Latin America and provides economic opportunity for Israel and Florida. Israel, with over 55% of her exports being hi-tech, is almost unrivalled in her technology offering. Other significant industries in Israel include aviation, homeland security, biotechnologies and renewable energies.

    We are delighted to introduce the Florida business community to Israeli companies. Among other activities at the Consulate, we are actively involved in initiating and arranging:
    - Trade missions to Israel
    - Seminars & conferences
    - Live video conference events
    - Briefings by government & private sector executives
    - Strategic partnerships & joint ventures
    - Investment opportunities in Israel
    Lisa McClaskey is the Director of the Economic Affairs Department.  She recently graduated Magna Cum Laude with her Master’s in Public Administration from Florida State University and has experience in non-profit development, community outreach and politics. She studied water management and renewable energies in Israel and is passionate about bringing Israeli technologies into Florida's community. She is a Miami native and very familiar with the business community in Florida.







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