IDF relating matters

Handling of matters relating to the Israel Defense

  • The Defense Service Law (Consolidated Version), 5747 - 1986 and the Authority to Implement it Abroad

    The Defense Service Law (Consolidated Version), 5747 - 1986 and the authority to implement it abroad applies to all citizens of the State of Israel both in Israel and abroad, even if they have another citizenship, and even if they live permanently abroad. It also applies to permanent residents of Israel, even if they are not Israeli citizens. The obligation of compulsory service applies to every man who is fit to serve, between the ages of 18 and 29, inclusive. However, a person who is past the age of the obligation of compulsory service and did not fulfill his obligation at the time specified in the law, is deemed to be in violation of the law and will be required to serve in the IDF as decided by the IDF authorities.
  • Registering and establishing military status with the diplomatic / consular representative


    Every citizen / permanent resident of the State of Israel, upon reaching the age of 16, even if he is living or staying abroad for any reason, is obligated by the Defense Service Law to establish his status with the Israel Defense Forces authorities. A person who is designated for defense service, who is called to report under a general call up order, must report in Israel at the place and at the time specified in the order. However, if he is located abroad, he can report to the diplomatic / consular representative at the mission for the purpose of registration. At the time of his registration, he may submit a request to defer the time of reporting to the defense service.

    If the person designated for defense service wishes to defer his service, he must fill out the form Application to Defer Defense Service - Israeli Citizens Staying Abroad, Registration is implemented by filling out the form Registration and Personal Application of a Person Designated for Defense Service Who is Staying Abroad (click here to download Form #6,7)
    The following must be attached to these forms:
    • Photocopies of his parents' passports
    • If the person designated for a defense service is under the age of 19 and applying for his first Israeli passport, An official letter from the school in which the person designated for defense service is studying, noting the number of years he has been a student there and the number of years remaining until completion of his studies. (since the age of 14)

      Additional details (in Hebrew) can be obtained on the Israel Defense Forces website.

  • Deferring service and restrictions on visit to Israel

    If a decision is made to defer the service of a person designated for defense service, while he is staying abroad with his parents, the diplomatic / consular representative will explain to him the conditions and restrictions applying to him in everything pertaining to the time frames of his visit to Israel.


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