UP students at the 2012 Asian Science Camp

UP Students at the 2012 Asian Science Camp

    ​Filipino students from the University of the Philippines - Los Banos campus participated in the 2012 Asian Science Camp last August in Jerusalem. The students, all below the age of 20, joined 250 others from across Asia for a platform to bring together world-class scholars and nobel laureates.
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    Most of its activities were held atthe Hebrew University's Edmund J. Safra Campus on Givat Ram and will offer the participants a substantial portion of basic science in the spheres of physics, chemistry, the life sciences, and mathematics from the best scientific minds in those areas in Israel and around the world.

    (L to R) Mr. John Keith Magali, Ms. Shereyl Daguinod, Faculty Adviser Mr. Lou Lozada Serafin, Ms. Nicole Dayanghirang Olayres and Mr. Rovi Angelo Villaos
    Headed by their faculty adviser, Mr. Lou Serafin Lozada of UP - Los Banos, the students are:
    1. John Keith Velasquez Magali 
    2. Shereyl Aguirre Daguinod 
    3. Rovi Angelo Beloya Villaos 
    4. Nicole Dayanghirang Olayres 
    Under the motto “Stand Higher, See Further, Think Deeper,” the camp gives these 17- to 21-year-old future scientists access to Nobel laureates and other world-class scholars, and promotes international friendship and cooperation.
    In addition to the academic content, the lectures by leading scientists and the inspiring encounters in small groups with Nobel Prize Laureates, and the work on a project in multi-national groups, the participants will benefit from a substantial portion of the Israeli experience. The aim of the Science Camp's organizers is to expose the young guests to Israel's diversity – the ancient with its historic and cultural depth, and the youthful with its dynamic and effervescent character.
    The opening ceremonies were presided by none other than His Excellency, President Shimon Peres on Sunday, August 26. The students will also be given the chance to explore Israel's beauty with a tour of Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv during the conference.
    Three other Nobel Laureates were included on the program: Prof. Yuan T. Lee, co-founder of the Asian Science Camp; Prof. Makoto Kobayashi, chairman of the ASC International Advisory Committee and Prof. Roger D. Kornberg from Stanford University in California.
    Deputy Chief of Mission Yaniv Revach, Mr. John Keith Magali, Ms. Shereyl Daguinod, H.E. Ambassador Menashe Bar-On, Ms. Nicole Olayres, Mr. Rovi Villaos and delegation faculty Mr. Lou Lozada