Israeli duo RevelDay makes Philippine debut

Israeli duo RevelDay caps Philippine visit

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    RevelDay at Greenbelt RevelDay at Greenbelt

    As a treat for their new found fan base in the Philippines, the duo also sang a rendition of Rivermaya's "Himala" – which brought the crowd to a roaring applause - with famed Filipino bossa nova singer, Sitti.


    The duo previously made waves by debuting at the Greenbelt Park last Wednesday, and also made their Philippine TV debut on music channel MYX, where they were featured on the channel's Daily Top 10 program.


    RevelDay, starring Guy Mentesh and Yahel Doron, started off their performance their original hit "I Dunno What To Say" - the 2011 hit bolstered them to prominence in Israel and on YouTube.


    Mentesh and Doron are also known for their cover of the Kings of Leon's "Sex on Fire" which has garnered a good number of views on YouTube and press buzz.


    The Tel-Avivians have since produced their own self-titled album "RevelDay" last 2011 and are now working on their second album - "RevelDay II".


    RevelDay, brought in by the Embassy of Israel in Manila, is part of the great roster assembled for the 2013 Philippine Jazz and Arts Festival.