Israel Ambassador spends Christmas with Filipino children

Ambassador spends Christmas with Filipino children


    The Ambassador greeted the children and expressed his joy to be with them for the holidays. The kids entertained the Israeli envoy and his spouse with their dances and showed off their hand-made Israeli and Philippine flags.


    Ambassador Bar-On and his spouse also visited the nursery of the Center - where 17 abandoned children were cared for by the Center's caretakers. These children ranged from 0-12 years old, and were found in hospitals, churches and even the streets.


    Ambassador Bar-On and Madame Esther Bar-On with the children and caregivers of the DSWD’s Reception and Study Center



    Continuing the Christmas festivities, the Ambassador also visited the municipality of Llanera and spent a special early Christmas party for the school children of Llanera. Together with the Nueva Ecija Chapter of the Shalom Club and the local government of Llanera (led by Mayor Lorna Mae B. Vero) distributed goodies and lunches for the children.


    In addition, the simple Christmas party featured music, dancing, laughter and a Jolibee mascot. Ambassador Bar-On, in an address, thanked the Shalom Club and the local government for hosting him and his spouse. He added that the Embassy was glad to reach out to the people of Llanera and assured deeper cooperation with the local government.


    Mayor Vero and Dr. Ruben Sevilleja, President of the Central Luzon State University, thanked the Ambassador for his time and the assistance given by the Embassy of Israel.


    Afterwards, the Ambassador visited the Llanera Agricultural technology Center - whose misting system was donated by the Embassy last year. The greenhouse acts as a demo farm for vegetables – whose seeds were donated by the Israel government.


    Madame Esther Bar-On (left) and Ambassador Menashe Bar-On (right) together with Llanera Mayor Lorna Mae B. Vero (second from left) and Vice-Mayor Ronnie Pascual (second from right)