Ilana Bellahsen educates dance students

Ilana Bellahsen in Manila

  •   Renowned Israeli artist Ilanah Bellahsen teaches dance to students

    But this was no extreme sport, rather a fruitful workshop lead by one of Israel’s most-renowned dancers, Ilana Bellahsen.

    Bellahsen’s workshop was part of a myriad of cultural activities headed by the Embassies of Israel, Italy, Finland and France, along with the Alliance Francaise de Manila and the Goethe Institute. Celebrating two months of dance culture, this international festival brought the spotlight to many foreign talent.

    Student-dancers from different universities dropped by the Lyceum University of the Philippines—who hosted the Tel Avivi in a separate workshop. These young artists performed unique dance exercises and learnt a thing about choreography.
    While rocking the gym mats with her dance moves, Bellahsen also shared some of her thoughts and views on dance in an open forum with the students of the University of the Philippines along with Mr. Arco Renz of Germany and Mr. Emmanuel Serafin of France.
    The 30 year-old Bellahsen has won numerous accolades and achievements garnering her international and hometown recognition. In 2007, she was honored by Israel’s Ministry fo Culture for her talent and abilities.
    Bellahsen may have very well established a name for herself in her first run in Manila, winning the hearts of these Filipino dancers and college faculty.
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