Clowning Around

Clowning Around


    Moshe Twito – an Israeli medical clown has been making his own rounds at various public hospitals in Manila to provide therapeutic services through clowning. Twito is a senior member of the Dream Doctors Project – an Israeli organization specializing in Clowning Therapy.

    A real-life Patch Adams, Twito performed at the pediatric wards of Philippine General Hospital, Ospital ng Maynila, Philippine Children's Medical Center and Ospital ng Makati to spread joy and laughter for the children and their families.

    Moshe Twito poses with patients and their parents at the Philippine Children's Medical Center

    He also spent time with the hospitals' medical officials and staff in order to integrate or even start their own medical clowning program and the benefits of medical clowning. 

    "Studies show that medical clowning helps pacify young patients as they are more relaxed when undergoing a test or procedure. Improvements in physiological and emotional health have also been noted," Twito said.

    He adds: "for example, a child will need less anesthesia for an operation after he spends some time with a medical clown. The child is relaxed and can connect with the clown. The clown becomes his friend."

     ​Moshe Twito gives a lecture to the hardworking doctors, nurses and staff of 
    the Ospital ng Maynila

    ​With a huge repertoire of tricks, jokes and musical fun, Twito clearly enjoys what he does. The staff is delighted to see him and he greets them all by first names.

    The Dream Doctors project integrates professional medical clowning into the medical services provided at Israeli hospitals. Established in 2002, the Dream Doctors Project is now operating at 20 hospitals throughout the country, with 70 medical clowns working in various pediatric wards and clinics.