The Ambassador

The Ambassador

    Ambassador Effie Ben Matityau
  • The Embassy of Israel

    Ambassador Effie (Ephraim) Ben Matityau is a veteran of Israel's Foreign Service and a graduate of its Diplomatic School from 1981.


    In his early years with the Ministry, he served as a member of the Peace and Normalization team with Egypt.


    In 1983 he assumed his first position abroad as the Deputy Consul General in Toronto, Canada, in charge of Press, Culture & Information. After Toronto, he served in various positions overseas, among them, Deputy Ambassador in Nicosia-Cyprus (1985-88) where he received the 1986 merit award of the Ministry,  Consul-Director of Israel's Academic Affairs Office to the USA based in New York (1991-96), Consul General of Israel to East Australia based in Sydney (1999-2002), Acting Ambassador in Copenhagen (2004), and Ambassador of Israel to Vietnam and Laos (2005-9), Acting Ambassador to Ethiopia (Summer 2013) and from the 1st of August 2014 as Ambassador to the Philippines.


    In Jerusalem’s home office he served as Head of the Canadian Affairs and Israel's North American missions for Public Diplomacy (1988-91), Spokesman and Deputy Director of the Press Division (1996-99), Head of the Overseas Development Projects and Public Private Partnership Bureau for MASHAV-Israel's Agency for International Development Cooperation (2009-2014).


    Ambassador Matityau holds a BA degree in Political Science and International Relations and a Master's in Business Administration.


    He has 3 wonderful children: Marian, Nophar and Omer.


    His Spouse is Ambassador(R) Lizia Z. Lu, former Ambassador of Panama to Vietnam.