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    Embajada de Israel
    Calle Velazquez 150
    Flor 7
    28002 Madrid

    The Consulate will be open to the public

    Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 1 pm.
    The Consulate doesn’t open on weekends and local holidays
    Holidays 2016:
    January, 1                                  New Year 
    January, 6                                  Epiphany
    March, 24                         Holy Thursday
    March, 25                              Holy Friday
    April, 29                                   Péssaj 
    May, 2           Madrid Community Day 
    May, 12      Independence Day of Israel
    May, 16                               San Isidro
    June, 13                                  Shavuot
    July, 25                     Santiago apóstol
    August, 15              Asunción de la Virgen
    October, 3 and 4                      Rosh Hashanah
    October, 11                             Yom Kippur
    October, 12           Yom Kippur/Hispanidad
    October, 17 and 18                                     Sukkot
    October, 25 and 26                         Simchat Torah
    November, 1                    Todos los Santos
    Novembre, 9                           La Almudena
    Decembre, 6                        La Constitución
    December, 8                              Immaculate
    December, 25                        Christmas Day


    Consulate’s phone numbers

    Fax: 00-34-915610622
    Jurisdiction Area of jurisdiction of the Israeli embassy in Spain includes Spain and Andorra

    Security Guidelines for applicants at consular offices:
    Must bring an I.D. with photography.
    Must take into account that all visitors will be asked to undergo a security check including the belongings.
    Out of security considerations, no personal items will be allowed to enter the Embassy, including bags - hand, mobile phones and electronic devices.
    Do not bring big handbags and / or luggage.
    Do not bring any food nor drinks.
    Security guidelines are for any person staying at the waiting room. Please fulfill the Security Agent’s indications.

    Delivery through the post

    Delivery of mail matter for the Consular Department will be sent to and collected from the following address:
    Embajada de ISRAEL
    C/ Velazquez 150, p-7
    28002 MADRID

    We recommend sending passports by registered mail or through courrier
    Do not send cash money to the Embassy.
    Payments will be done only by banc transfer.
    Before any transfer please contact the Consulate Department in order to have the exact amount and other details.
    When making the transfer it should include the name of the payer. In addiction the copy of the transfer should be sent by mail (listed on this page).
    Bank: BBVA
    Title: Embassy of Israel
    Account number: : IBAN ES65 0182 4017 5702 0162 6180
    Address: DIEGO DE LEON 16

    In any case, the sender will be responsible for the mail matter.
    In some cases the person will be required to attend the Consulate by himself. For more details please see article #2 “Consular Service”

    Official translators in Spain

    If translation is required for certain documents, click the link for list of translators

    All the official documents to be presented to Spanish Authorities are to be translated by an official translator, authorized by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    Please note that this list is not a recommendation to anyone of the translators.

    The translation service will be provided under the responsibility of the applicant.

    List of lawyers specialized in criminal law

    The following is a list of lawyers specialized in criminal law. The Embassy is not allowed to recommend one or another. Click here to download the list  

    The lawyer service will be provided under the responsibility of the applicant.

    Authentication of a document

    There are two possible ways to authenticate public documents:

    Document authentication by Apostille certificate:
    Israel signed and ratified in 1978 the Hague Convention regarding the cancellation of the verification requirement for public foreign documents – 1961 (“Hague Convention”) in order to shorten the procedures required about recognizing foreign official documents using the Hague Apostille. Please not that public documents and cards issued in a country that is a member of this Convention and has the Hague Apostille, will be valid in Israel and doesn’t have to be authenticated by a diplomatic representative in an Israeli mission. Furthermore, for countries members of the Hague Convention, there will not be necessary to be authenticated if it has the Hague Apostille sealed in Israel.

    For a list of countries that signed the Hague Convention and information about competent authority for granting Hague Apostille in each country, see this link:

    In Spain, the Hague Apostille for official documents is stamped at the Registro civil – Ministerio de Justicia

    Authentication not by using the Hague Apostille:
    For a country which is not member of the Hague Convention.
    After the document is authenticated by the competent authority at the foreign country (usually at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Ministry of Justice), the Israeli Representative has to identify their signature.

    Citizen Contact for improving the service given to the citizen

    Please contact the following e-mail addresses:

    If you want to give your opinion about the service given, please click here:

    Main laws of the State of Israel on which the Consular Service is based:
    Return Law 1950 with all the modifications made along the time
    Inmigration Law 1952 with all the modifications made along the time
    Citizenship Law 1952 with all the modifications made along the time
    Passports Law 1952 with all the modifications made along the time
    Names Law 1956 with all the modifications made along the time
    Register of Citizens Law 1965 with all the modifications made along the time
    Notarion Law 1976 with all the modifications made along the time
    Security Service Law (mixed version) 1986 and competent authorities abroad with all the modifications made along the time
    Criminal Register Law and Rehabilitation of Offenders 1981 with all the modifications made along the time

    Various laws can be viewed on the Ministry of Interior Web site, click search for “Laws”

    Concerning the Security Service Law (mixed version) 1981, click:

    For Criminal Register Law and Rehabilitation of Offenders 1981, click:

    Representative of the Jewish Agency, for immigration to Israel

    For information about the main offices of the Jewish Agency abroad, click:

    The following are details of the Jewish Agency representative in your zone
    In absence of a representative of the Jewish Agency in Spain, information about immigration is available at the Information Phone Center: 900931828 Further information and immigration care is available at the Spanish Dpt. In Jerusalem, phone number 02-6202745

    Special information for Spain

    Highlights and other details that distinguish the service provided by the Consular Department in Madrid

    In Spain there are many cases of pickpocketing, specially at Barcelona. Please try to pay attention to your belongings including personal documents.
    Due to a wide amount of drug traffic where Israeli citizens are involved, we inform and warn: in Spain, drug traffic is penalized with 9-11 years in jail and the Spanish Law is particularly strict.
    Tourist Visa in Spain for Israeli citizens is valid for 3 months only.
    International Driving License issued in Israel is valid for 3 months only.
    Applications for residence visa in Israel will be presented at the Consulate personally. No mail possibility.
    In absence of an Embassy of Israel in Venezuela, those citizens can apply for visa for Israel at the Madrid Consulate of Israel, generally during the transit. They have to bring to the Consulate all the requisites as detailed in the chapter of “Application for a visa” .
    Members of the Jewish Community of Venezuela are asked to bring a letter from the Community, confirming their belonging.
    The Consulate Dpt. In Madrid can issue Ministry of Interior documents or Police documents only as per the Consular Services. The Consular Dpt. is not competent for any other special certificates.
    Many citizens ask for different certificates such as ID cards, Driving Licenses, etc. so we specifically inform that those documents are issued only in Israel.
    For authentication of signatures it is necessary to ask for a previous appointment.
    Please note that payment for consular services will be made exclusively by credit card.