Bulletin 5 / Economic Overview

Commercial Bulletin / Economic Overview

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  • Source: IMF and Peruvian Ministry of Economy
    Peru's estimated growth - 2014: 4.8%
    (Estimated regional average growth: 2.2%)
    Peru's GDP -2013: US$ 206.7 Billions

    Advantegeous economic perspectives for Peru based on:


    Private Consumption

           Peruvian domestic demand growth in 2013: 5.7%
            (biggest contribution to Peru GDP’s growth, estimated in 210 billions).
           Important development of non primary sectors during the last years, as:
            construction, retail trade and services.
    Execution of important investment projects, private and public
           Investment represented 27,3% of Peru’s GDP in 2013
            (the highest level among the main Latin American econommies).
    Responsible economic policy
    *Peru ranks as the second economy in the region with the lowest sovereign credit risk and the highest security for investments. Futhermore Peru's credit rating was upgraded by Moody's from Baa2 to A3 on past July , when Peru reached an A rating for its long term debt, for the first time.
    *Peru’s current growth surpasses the rest of the countries with similar investment grade (5.6% average during the last five years).





     *Peru shows comparatively low inflation rate (2.9% during the last five years) and a downward public debt (18% of its GDP in 2013).

    *Peru’s Net International Reserves were over 30% of its GDP during 2013.


    (Billions US$)
    Source: Central Reserve Bank of Peru


    Commercial Integration

    *During the period 2007-2012 Peru doubled its foreign trade and raised its value added exports.
    *About 60% of Peruvian exports are composed of mining products (copper, gold, molybdenum, silver, zinc).
    *Other sectors with important exports are Hydrocarbons (oil); Agriculture (increasing diversification); and  Fishing (world’s leading exporter of fish meal and fish oil).




    Bilateral trade between Israel and Peru
           Israel exports to Peru advanced technology (agricultural, communications).
           Peru exports to Israel mainly agricultural products (as quinoa) and zinc derivatives.


    Pacific Alliance
    *Peru has subscribed to the Pacific Alliance along with Chile, Colombia and Mexico.
    *The Alliance represents the eighth world's economy and the half of the trade between Latin America and the rest of the world.
    *Israel is the first state of the Middle East to be admitted as an observer state of the Pacific Alliance on past February, supported by Peru.