Information for Students

Frequently Asked Questions


    Student Visas

    Here is your guideline for receiving a student visa (for additional information visit the Consular Services page)

    Student Visas will be issued for American citizens holding a valid American passport (for at least one year).  The visa will be valid for one year and for multiple entries

    Please send to the nearest Israeli Embassy or Consulate (listed below) the following:

    1. Completed application form. (click here to download the Application for a Visa to Enter Israel)

    2. Two current passport pictures, facing forward (size 2" x 2" on a white background)

    3. Original letter of acceptance from the educational institution.

    4. Passport or travel document that is valid for at least a year from the date of entrance to Israel.

    5. Round-trip flight ticket or itinerary.

    6. Statement from your bank showing that you have funds to support your stay in Israel while you are a student, if you are a minor you can bring a statement from your parents bank.

    7. Valid re-entry visa to the United States (excluding a tourist visa) or a copy of permanent residency (Green card). If you are currently residing illegally in the United States you will not be able to receive a visa. support your stay in Israel while you are a student

    8. A minor under the age of 18, must present a notarized letter from both parents permitting him/her to travel

    9. Processing fees - click here to open the table of fees.


    All consular fees are to be made in cash, credit card (except AMEX) or money order only. 
    Processing time is approximately two weeks.

    A student visa is valid only for one year. Extension should be made in Israel. Your visa can be extended (fee required) at the Ministry of the Interior.

    Contact Information

    Ministry of the Interior contact information in Israel
    – 24 Hilell Street 02-6294726
    Tel Aviv – 125 Menachem Begin Street 03-5193305
    Haifa – 15 Pal-Yam 04-8633333
    Eilat – Ha-Tamarim Street, City Center, 2nd Floor 08-6381333
    Tiberias – 23 Zaki Elkhadif 04-6729111
    Ben-Gurion Airport – 03-9774200/1/2

    The consular departments at the Consulates and Embassies in North America

    United States

    Embassy of Israel
    Responsible for Washington, DC - Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C.
    3514 International Dr. N.W, Washington, DC 20008
    Tel: 202- 364-5527

    Consulate General - Atlanta, Georgia
    Responsible for Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee, North Carolina 
    1100 Spring St., N.W. Suite 440, Atlanta, GA 30309-2823
    Tel: 404-487-6500 (#1)

    Consulate General of Israel to New England
    Responsible for Boston, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont 
    20 Park Plaza, Suite 1020, Boston, MA 02116
    Tel: 617- 535-0280

    Consulate General of Israel to the Midwest
    Responsible for Chicago, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin 
    500 W. Madison Street, Chicago, IL 60661
    Tel: 312-380-8800

    Consulate General - Houston, Texas
    Responsible for Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas 
    24 Greenway Plaza # 1500, Houston, TX. 77046 
    Tel: 713-622-4924

    Consulate General of Israel, Los Angeles
    Responsible for Arizona, California (Southern), Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming 
    11766 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90025
    Tel: 323-852-5500

    Consulate General to Florida and Puerto Rico
    Responsible for Miami, Florida, Puerto Rico 
    100 North Biscayne Blvd. Suite 1800, Miami, Florida 33132
    Tel: 305-925-9400 Ext. 1

    Consulate General of Israel in New York
    Responsible for Connecticut, New Jersey (Northern), New York 
    800 Second Avenue between 42nd and 43rd Street
    Tel: 212- 499-5000#1

    Consulate General in Philadelphia
    Responsible for Delaware, Kentucky, New Jersey (Southern), Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia 
    1880 JFK Blvd., suite 1818, Philadelphia, A 19103

    Consulate General of Israel to the Pacific Northwest
    Responsible for San Francisco, Alaska, California (Northern), Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington 
    456 Montgomery Street, Suite 2100, San Francisco, CA 94104
    Tel: 415-844-7510


    Embassy of Israel in Ottawa
    Responsible for the eastern part of Ontario (Ottawa up to and including Kingston)
    Address:  50 O’Connor Street, Suite 1005
    Ottawa, Ontario K1P 6L2
    Tel: 613-567-6450 ext: 505
    Fax: 613-567-9878

    Consulate General of Israel, Toronto
    Responsible for the Provinces of Ontario (West of Kingston), Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Colombia      
    180 Bloor Street West, Suite 700, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 2V6
    Tel: 416-640-8505
    Fax: 416-640-8519

    Consulate General of Israel, Montreal 
    Responsible for Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland & Labrador
    1 Westmount Square, Suite 650, Westmount, Quebec, H3Z 2P9
    Tel: (514) 940-8525
    Fax: (514) 940-8555