Application By Mail

Application By Mail


    Material that is mailed to the Consular Department must be sent to:

    Consulate General of Israel,

    Consular Department
    11766 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 1600
    Los Angeles, CA 90025 


    Most of the services offered by the Consulate can be done via mail without the need to arrive at the Consulate. When doing so, there are several things to keep in mind:

    Applications must be completed and signed.

    Make sure the following information about the requestor is attached to every request: full name, Israeli ID and/or passport number, contact information and address.



    If you would like to pay by credit card please provide us with the following:

    Your full printed name as it appears on your credit card

    The credit card's company name: Visa®/MasterCard®/Discover Card®

    Credit card number

    Card expiration date

    The CCV Number (Credit Card Verification Number). The CCV is the last three/four digits on the back of your credit / debit card in the signature box.

    Please note:

    The consulate does not accept personal checks.
    We prefer payment by credit or debit cards.

    We accept money orders, or cashier checks made out to "Consulate General of Israel" 


    Please send requests via registered or express mail such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc.

    Be advised, certain services processed via mail require the requestor to sign and/or be identified in front of a notary.

    The Consulate does not send mail to P.O Boxes.


    Return mail payment:

    If you would like to send your application by mail, please click here to download a payment form.​

    Requests sent to be processed via mail are returned to the requestor via Fedex at the expense of the requestor.


    Fedex Prices: 

    Southern California: 2nd day service $10

    Nevada: 2nd day service $10
    Utah, Arizona: 2nd day service $10
    Colorado, Wyoming: 2nd day service $10
    Hawaii: 2nd day service $18

    The sender is responsible for material mailed to the mission.

    It is important to stress that there are cases in which you are required to visit the mission in person: renouncing of citizenship, replacing lost passport, becoming a citizen, and police report requests.​​​​​