Press Conference July 2012


    As a part of annual activities, the Embassy of Israel in Kathmandu has been conducting many programs every year in the fields of health, culture, education, technology, agriculture and social responsibility among others. 
    This year too, the Embassy has given continuity to some of the programs from the previous year like volunteering at the children's home, bringing experts from Israel for sharing experiences and conduct trainings for the health professionals at the Dhulikhel Hospital et cetera while many new projects have been introduced to encourage and prove the ability of the people or towards protection of nature or for the betterment of the society. The projects are aimed at strengthening friendly bonds between Israel and Nepal and also share technical knowhow.
    The Embassy has themed this year as the year for the "people with special needs" and most projects are focused on the same.
    The projects/programs that the Embassy has conducted in the past six months of the year 2012 and the projects that will be conducted in the remaining six months has been presented in a press conference that took place in the Shangrila hotel on July 3rd, 2012.