9th Israeli Film Festival

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    The Embassy of Israel is organizing 9th Israeli Film Festival at Russian Culture Center, Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu on 20 June 2014 and at Pokhara Chamber of Commerce and Industries on  27 June respectively.
    The festival aims to promote cultural awareness and people to people relationship between the people of the two countries.
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    Here are the synopses of the Movies selected for screening during the 9th Israeli Film Festival:
    1.      The Human Resources Manager
    Narrative, 2010, 103 mins
    Language                         : Hebrew with English Subtitles
    Date & Time               : Friday, 20 June at 12:30 p.m. in Kathmandu and
    Friday, 27 June 2014 in Pokhara
    Human Resources manager at Israel's largest bakery finds himself the unlikely chaperone of the body of a young Romanian woman in this touching tragic-comedy. Eran Riklis, the acclaimed director of The Lemon Tree and The Syrian Bride, brings a poignant and personal approach to a story that speaks to the ever-present threat of violence in Jerusalem and the increasing sense of social dislocation.
    The characters in The Human Resource Manager have no names; they are unhappy people known solely by their professional roles, until the young woman's tragic death - she's been the victim of a suicide bombing - forces them to find comfort in each other and in life.
    The Human Resources Manager (Mark Ivanir) is a well-meaning but selfish man, putting his career in front of his family and constantly breaking promises to his daughter. His reputation is threatened when he is scapegoated by his employer and blamed for not noticing that one of their employees is missing. When the deceased employee, Yulia, is traced back to the bakery, the Human Resources manager atones for his oversight by escorting the young woman's coffin to her hometown in Russia.
    The result is a quirky, transnational road trip. Eccentric characters like The Israeli Consul and her husband, The Vice Consul, help the Human Resources manager along the way. Yulia's unhappy and estranged family, particularly her son, provides the Human Resources manager with the opportunity to make amends for his once self-centered ways and learn how to better support those around him. An obnoxious reporter and a bizarre hearse bring comic relief to this often tragic tale. Beautiful panoramas of the Romanian countryside in winter offer visual delight. Riklis's talent lies in his light touch and in his insistence that, though the world may be dark, there is always room to laugh and to hope.
    Additional Credits


    Abraham B. Jehoshua as writer

    Noah Stollman as writer


    1.      Restoration
    Narrative, 2011, 90  mins.
    Language: Hebrew with English Subtitles
    Date & Time : Friday, 20 June at 5:30 3:00 p.m. in Kathmandu and Friday, 27 June at 3:00 p.m. in Pokhara
    After his longtime business partner dies, Yakov Fidelman discovers that his antique furniture-restoration shop is in grave financial difficulty. He's forced to deal with his estranged son, Noah, a lawyer, who, seeing no hope for the failing store, proposes building apartments above it. One day Fidelman's new apprentice, Anton, finds a neglected piano in the workshop: an 1882 Steinway that, given a new baseboard, would be worth enough to save the store. The elegant story lines of Yossi Madmony's first feature yield a complex set of frayed character relations for which restoration proves an apt metaphor. Refinishing the piano's exterior would be worthless without replacing the cracked cast-iron board holding the string tension. Marked by restrained writing, which leaves significant details open to interpretation, Restoration depicts the rich texture of modern Israeli society. Anchored by Sasson Gabay's mesmerizing performance, Fidelman is a stoic man who uses his shop to shut out the world, clinging to the illusion that he can maintain a vanishing way of life. -Sundance Film Festival.
    Official site:
    Acting credits
    Additional Credits


    Erez Kav-El as writer

    Boaz Yehonatan Yacov as cinematographer

    Ayala Bengad as editor

    Sundance Film Festival
    Jerusalem Film Festival
    1.      The Matchmaker
    Narrative, 2010, 118 mins.
    Language       : Hebrew with English Subtitles
    Date & Time : Friday, 20 June at 5:30 p.m. in Kathmandu and Friday, 27 June
    at 5:30 p.m. in Pokhara
    In 1968 Haifa, a teenage boy gets a summer job with a Holocaust survivor who makes ends meet by brokering marriages and smuggling goods. Throughout the summer, the mysterious matchmaker takes the boy on a dangerous coming of age ride into the deepest underbelly of Haifa.
    Official site:
    Acting credits


    Adir Miller as Yankele Bride

    Maya Dagan as Clara Epstein

    Tuval Shafir as Arik Burstein

    Dror Keren as Meir

    Dov Navon as Yozi Burstein

    Yarden Bar-Kochba as Nili Burstein

    Neta Porat as Tamara

    Bat-el Papura as Sylvia

    Kobi Faraj as Moshe Abadi

    Tom Gal as Benny Abadi

    Eyal Shechter as Arik Burstein (adult)

    Eli Yatzpan as Uncle Nadgi

    Toronto International Film Festival
    Free tickets are made available at Russian Cultural Center's Gate and Pokhara Chamber of Commerce and Industries. Numbers of tickets are limited so, Hurry Up and Get  Tickets for your Friends and Family. Enjoy the Israeli Films!!!