65th Independence Day of The State of Israel


    The Embassy of Israel in Kathmandu marked the 65th Independence Day of The State of Israel on 16 April 2013.  A gathering organized at Hyatt Hotel, Kathmandu, sawhigh ranked Nepali government officials and diplomats together to celebrate the event.  The chief guest for the event was The Right Honourable Mr. ParmanandaJha, Vice President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal.

    Speaking during this important occasion, the Israeli Ambassador to Nepal, H.E. Mr. HananGoder said, “The long friendship between Nepal and Israel will last long into the future.  The two nations may be far in geography but are close in their hearts”.

    The State of Israel declared independence on 14 May 1948 after fighting for almost two millennia for a separate state.  Israel is the Jews realization of their dreamhomeland.

    A national holiday is observed every year in Israel and Israelis, Jews and friends gather together to celebrate this important date.  

    Nepal was among the first few bold countries to establish diplomatic relations with Israel already in 1961.  This year, the diplomatic relations between Israel and Nepal marks the completion of 52 years of fruitful cooperation. 

    Since its independence, Israel has seen many developments especially in the fields of beyond imaginative agriculture, technological advancements and medical breakthroughs.

    The Embassy of Israel wishes all Israelis and friends of Israel in Nepal, a happy Independence Day!

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