Shalom Peace March, 2013

Shalom Peace March

  •   Shalom Peace March
    The Embassy of Israel in Kathmandu organized 'Shalom Peace March' on 18th April 2013 from the 'Wall of Peace'at Social Welfare Council at Lainchour to the Embassy of Israel in Lazimpat.  The march was organized to promote the message of peace and harmony, and to celebrate 65th Independence Day of the State of Israel.
    H.E. Mr. HananGoder along with Embassy staff, members from Shalom Club, distinguished guests and people from various walks of life marched together for peace.
    Speaking after the march, Ambassador of Israel to Nepal, H.E. Mr. HananGoder said, 'this is just a small effort made by Embassy and Shalom Club together to spread the message of peace and brotherhood.  Peace is beautiful and it is what we all desire.  Peace is that one weapon with which all miseries and evil forces like war and crimes can be stopped'.
    President of Shalom Club Nepal, Dr. Rabindra Kumar Shakya expressing his delight to be a part of Peace walk said, ' A country can't be developed in an absence of peace so, we all must strive for peace. "
    Editor's Note:
    Shalom Club is the association of Nepali people who have studied in Israel.  There are around one thousand members enlisted in Shalom Club Nepal.  Shalom Club partners with the Embassy activities such as volunteer works, health camps et cetera.
    Israel shares its knowhow with the developing world in capacity building of human resources development that it has achieved in the course of its development process.
    MASHAV is the Israel's Agency for International Development Cooperation at Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was founded in 1957.  It is responsible for design, coordination and implementation of the State of Israel's development cooperation programs.
    MASHAV activities in Nepal can be traced back to 1960s, the early years of establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Israel and Nepal. Since then more than 1500 Nepalese professionals have participated in MASHAV training courses both in Israel and Nepal.  Now, MASHAV activities have expanded to cooperation by establishment of Agriculture Demonstration Farm (Dhading) and in the fields of Agriculture, Early Childhood Education and Public Health.
    Shalom members after completion of their education/training in Israel are using their learnt skills in various fields like poultry, agriculture, ECD et cetera into practice after coming back to Nepal.