Israeli Artist, Mr. Ted Barr's Painting and Meditation Workshop

Israeli Artist's Painting Workshop in Nepal

    An Israeli Artist brought a unique art concept to Kathmandu with FLY workshop.  The workshop that was held on 17 August 2013 at the Patan Museum, Lalitpur, was a workshop about change, being open to new knowledge, new ways of expression and new techniques. 
    Mr. Ted Barr is a renowned contemporary artist and an expert in painting the celestial sky.  Deep space, galaxies, the universe and supernovas, even human existence are his inspirations and have become his models since he started painting in 1995.
    Mr. Barr combines tar, asphalt, oil, acrylic and lacquers in order to depict deep space and create unique formations that stem from freedom of the mind and sheer creativity. 
    The FLY workshop that was held among the young Nepali artists combined early morning meditation and physical exercises for body and mind balance. 
    He stayed in Kathmandu from 1-21 August 2013.  Apart from his workshop in Kathmandu, he showcased his talent and exhibited his work.
    Editor's note:
    The workshop was open for all art lovers with a desire to learn new things and techniques to express themselves.  The enthusiasts needed to register their names with Kathmandu Contemporary Arts Centre (KCAC) Kathmandu Contemporary Arts Centre, Keshab Narayan Chowk, Patan Museum, Lalitpur. 
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    One of Mr. Barr's exemplary creations of the space