Shalom Peace Orchard

  •   Tree Plantation on the occasion of the Jewish Festival for Nature – “Tu Bishvat”
    On the occasion of the Jewish Festival for Nature – “Tu Bishvat”, the Embassy of Israel in Kathmandu organized two major events marking the importance of Nature in our lives.
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    Shalom Peace Orchard Shalom Peace Orchard Copyright: Embassy of Israel, Kathmandu
    The celebration started on the evening of 7th February with a gathering of MASHAV Graduates – Nepalese professionals who had been to Israel for different short and long term courses in different sectors of agriculture, education, health and community development under the semi and full sponsorship of Government of Israel. This event was marked by screening of a short documentary on “Reviving the Kishon River” of Israel. The main objective of organizing this event was to share among the participants that “Nature” is for us and we must respect and conserve it.
    On the 8th of February, the Embassy together with Dhulikhel Hospital Kathmandu University Hospital organized the Tree Plantation program at Dhulikhel Hospital premises. The idea of planting these fruit-trees is to promote greenery as well as an opportunity for Dhulikhel Hospital community to harvest the fruit with their benefit. “Trees are the roots of all living” says H.E. Mr. Hanan Goder, Ambassador of Israel to Nepal. Plantation program will be joined by all the staff of Embassy and the Hospital as well as a group of Israeli volunteers of Tevel b’Tzedek, who has been working with the Nepali communities for past four months.
    Ambassador Planting a Tree