Dining in the Dark

    The Embassy of Israel in Kathmandu, dedicating the concept to the visually impaired people around the world is organizing a 'Restaurant in the Dark' from 10 to 24 May 2012 at Imago-Dei Restaurant at Naxal, Kathmandu.  The restaurant will open for two weeks and is open for anyone who would like to experience a different world of the visually impaired and taste some great tasting food in their own environment.
    Although the concept of Restaurant in the Dark has never been heard in Nepal, the restaurant has gained much popularity in Israel and in countries like USA, Australia, UK, Switzerland, Canada and many more.
    Speaking at the inauguration of this unique attempt, Ambassador of Israel to Nepal, H.E. Mr. Hanan Goder said, “This is an example of solidarity that exists between all parts of the society.  We are proud to be a part of such solidarity".

    The concept of this restaurant is to provide an unusual social experience.  This idea seems a little strange as people are suppressed by the dominant senses of the sight.  The absence of our sights makes us realize how important our other senses like smell or touch are.
    The customers will be taken to a complete dark room, where their food will be served and will be guided by the visually impaired waiters.  In short, the visitors will have to completely rely on the guides and the senses.
    A short exhibition – pictures with explanations, before entering the restaurant, will showcase the difficulties blind people face in society.
    The Embassy has dedicated the year 2012 for the people with special needs and has  organized annual Film Festival focusing the people with special needs from 2 to 5 May 2012 and will also be conducting training on ‘People with special needs’ along with Dhulikhel Hospital in September/October.  The training will mostly focus on how to deal with children with special needs in the community.
    So, join the Embassy, if you want this special and enlightening experience!

    To reserve a place, contact IMAGO DEI, Nagpokhari, near UK Visa Service Center
    Phone number: 4442464