Israeli Start Up Creates Clip for Dylans Rolling Stone

Israeli Startup Creates Clip for Dylan's Classic

    No one would ever think to separate Bob Dylan and his distinctive voice, but that’s exactly what makes the music video for “Like A Rolling Stone” so incredible.  Interlude, an Israeli startup, is responsible for an interactive music video for Dylan's iconic song. Released on November 19, it had, according to Interlude, more than a million views in 24 hours.

    In the video the song plays while the viewer flips through different TV channels. No matter what channel you flip to there is a person lip syncing the lyrics to the song. The viewer can choose which channels to linger on, thus creating a unique connection with the song and keeps the viewer coming back for more. 

    Interlude was founded in 2010 by Yoni Bloch, an Israeli singer and entrepreneur. The video success comes from a combination of the company's award winning technology and the creative production led by Vania Heymann, another young Israeli blowing up the video industry. The video includes a total of sixteen channels, featuring among other a business news channel reporter, a  cartoon, a cooking show, comedian Marc Maron, Drew Carey and the audience on The Price is Right, rapper Danny Brown, a tennis competition, the Property Brothers, the reality TV show Pawn Stars, and Dylan himself on VH-1 classics channel.

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