Cultural affairs

Cultural Affairs

    Israel is a new old country, small in size, but with a culturally active, heterogeneous population. Four thousand years of Jewish heritage, more than a century of Zionism, and 65 years of modern statehood have contributed to a culture that has created an identity of its own, while preserving the uniqueness of 70 different communities.

    A largely immigrant society, Israel’s creative expression has absorbed many different cultural and social influences, as it blends tradition and innovation, and strives to steer a course between Israeli particularism and universalism. The constant search for cultural identity is expressed through energetic creativity in a broad range of art forms, appreciated and enjoyed by a great many people as part of daily life. 

    The Cultural Affairs Department of the Israeli Consulate in the Southwest opens the door to Israeli Culture within the region – its mission is to bring the best and the most exciting of Israel’s culture to our region.

    Cultural Affairs Officer:
    Guy Cohen