20111028 Carmi Gillon

Visit: Former Head of Security

    ​Visit of former Head of Israeli Security Service Carmi Gillon to Hong Kong, 24-27 October 2011
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    2011 10 24 Carmi Gillon 2011 10 24 Carmi Gillon Copyright: Carmi Gillon
    Photo: Carmi Gillon
    As a guest of the Consulate General of Israel and the Jewish Community of Hong Kong, Mr. Carmi Gillon, Vice-president of external relations for the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, visited Hong Kong during 24-27 October 2011.
    Mr. Gillon has a distinguished career in the public services, being former Head of the Israeli Security Service, Ambassador of Israel to Denmark and Mayor of Mevasseret Zion.
    During his stay in Hong Kong, Mr. Gillon delivered several speeches to the Jewish Community, Israeli and Hong Kong business communities and university students, with topics ranging from higher education, national security, democracy, Israel and the Middle East.
    He has also met with senior government officials, politicians, business leaders and academics, and was interviewed by the Jewish Times Asia and ATV World channel’s programme “Newsline”.