Photography exhibition "Here or There"

Photography exhibition on Israel and Macau

    A unique collection of photography on the subject of Israel and Macau will be on exhibition in Macau
  • "Here or There" - photography exhibition on Israel and Macau
    ​“Here or There” (這裏、那裏 / פה או שם) is a photography exhibition project on Israel and Macau by Mina Ao, a photographer who was born and grew up in Macau.  
    The exhibition consists of two groups of photographs; one group is of street scenes from Israel, the other group of street scenes from Macau.  The photographs will be exhibited in pairs; a photo taken in Israel is juxtaposed by a similar photo taken in Macau.  
    The photographs create a visual diary of daily scenes that the photographer encountered on the streets of Israel and Macau.  
    In each pair of photographs, the photographer sees similarities and differences in the visuals, in how things are done and in how lives are lived.  
    The photographer hopes these photographs will pique the viewers' curiosity and start dialogues between these two cultures.  This exhibition will promote further cultural exchanges and increase exposure of these two places.
    The exhibition will present a selection of images from the whole collection.  A photo book containing a total of over 100 photographs in the collection will be published following the exhibition.  
    “Here or There” (這裏、那裏 / פה או שם) photography exhibition
    November 23 – December 22, 2012
    Livraria Portuguesa Gallery, Rua De S. Domingos, 16-18, Macau