2013 08 14 Country Club

Israeli short film at HK dance video festival

    ​Israeli short film “Country Club” at Jumping Frames International Dance Video Festival 2013 in Hong Kong
    Global Dance Shorts II: The Body and the City
    Five short works bring you to different landscapes – the historic Tainan, a desert village in North Africa, towns in Portugal, a country club in Israel and a crystal mine in Canada.
    14 August 2013 | 9pm | agnès b. CINEMA, Hong Kong Arts Centre
    Country Club
    Dir/Chor: Noa Shadur / Israel / 2012 / 20 mins
    Football is basically a show spearheaded by a coach, but in this dream theatre of the Country Club, the player is the coach in black. Two lady onlookers leave the field after a fight over the ball, while the key player is kicked out after a display of red card. A quick change of scene leads us into the locker room, the best place for unleashing the secrets to pride and prejudice. Moving onto the club pool, our coach now becomes the lifeguard, while two men and a woman exercise a game of romance. Can the country club serve as the lady director’s playfield? Can she reverse the social roles of men and women and break away from the norms? Israeli director cum choreographer Noa Shadur is not only familiar with the identity game in play, but also a skilled player in the international dance arena.  Read more: http://www.jumpingframes.com/v2/jf_screening_hk_2013.html >>
    Presented by the City Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC) of Hong Kong in 2004, Jumping Frames International Dance Video Festival is the only festival of its kind in Asia, featuring commissioned works, competition, and a selection of acclaimed international productions. It has served to promote dance video in China and in Asia, as well as to provide a platform for artists and audience alike to share the perspectives and explore the unlimited possibilities of the art form through talks and workshops.  Read more: http://www.jumpingframes.com >>