2013 03 07 HKIFF

Israeli films at HK International Film Festival

    ​​3 recently produced Israeli films and a restored film on the Holocaust will be featured in the upcoming 37th Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF), March 17 – April 4, 2013:
  • Israeli film Youth
    Fill the Void (Best Actress, Venice Film Festival; eligible for the 2013 HKIFF SIGNIS Award)
    Youth (Asian premiere)
    The festival will also show a restored film Shoah (1985), the monumental testament to the Holocaust by French director Claude Lanzmann.  The film is around 9 ½ hours long and will be showing it in two programmes of about five hours each.  At the Part I screening, an introduction will be given by Mr Jeremy Amias, Hong Kong Holocaust and Tolerance Centre (HKHTC) and at the Part II screening, a screening discussion will be held by Prof Glenn Timmermans, University of Macau/Board of HKHTC.  
    Shoah (Asian premiere)
    http://www.hkiff.org.hk/eng/film/detail/37143-shoah-part-i.html (Part I)
    http://www.hkiff.org.hk/eng/film/detail/37195-shoah-part-ii.html (Part II)
  • Israeli films at HKIFF 2013

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