2010 02 25 Environmental luncheon

Environmental tech luncheon

    ​Dr. Jonathan Choi, Chairman of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, hosted a luncheon meeting on 25 February 2010, to inform Hong Kong company representatives on environmental technology in Israel and how Hong Kong can learn from the Israeli experience.
  • Host of the luncheon meeting and Chairman of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce,  Jonathan Choi (middle),  Ambassador Amikam Levy (right) and Secretary for the Environment Edward Yau (left)
    ​Around 70 guests attended; among them were the Secretary for the Environment, Edward Yau, and members of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce. 
    Ambassador Amikam Levy, Consul General of the State of Israel, and Secretary Edward Yau, were the guest speakers at the event.
    “The Environmental Technologies sector is a flourishing industry in Israel.  Besides high-tech, we focus these days mainly on “CleanTech”.  We have around 200 companies in Israel dealing in, producing, selling products and knowledge related to environmental technologies.  Around 147 companies, huge ones, are dealing in water technology, and around 50 companies in renewable energy.  The world has changed, capital is moving swiftly from West to East.  The outcome of rising demands and decreases in natural resources is getting worse due to climate change.  We have to be ready also for this, and this is a big mission which we can fulfil together,” said Ambassador Levy.
    Secretary Edward Yau gave a presentation about his official visits to Israel, during which he shared his insights of visiting the Israeli environmental technologies companies, and talked about how Hong Kong can learn from the Israel experience.  
    Two movies - “Israel’s Water Experiences” and “Invest in Israel” - were screened at the event.