2009 10 26 Ming Pao Daily Chief Editor visited Israel

Chief Editor visited Israel

    Chief Editor of Ming Pao Daily Mr. Paul Cheung Kin Bor visited Israel during October 18-25, 2009.
  • Israel’s innovation (Ming Pao Daily, Apr 19, 2010, p.D6)
    One of the major programmes of Mr. Cheung was his participation in the Israeli Presidential Conference 2009, hosted by the President of the State of Israel and Nobel Prize winner Shimon Peres.  The Conference, entitled "Facing Tomorrow" with some 3,000 participants from Israel and overseas and over 35 panel sessions, aims at an array of topics ranging from the global economic crisis to new innovations in the scientific world.  Some of the world’s top experts also tackled panels on the Middle East, the Jewish World and the Peace process with its complexities.
    Mr. Cheung met with his counterpart in Israel, Chief Editor of Haaretz Daily Newspaper, and other editors.  
    Besides touring the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Weizmann Institute for Science, Mr. Cheung visited a number of leading Israeli companies that offers innovative environmental technology, including Sharon Park and Arrow Ecology Co., Dan Association of towns for sanitation, Smart Biotech Co., Meitag Hi-Tech Ventures for technological greenhouse and Better Place Electric Car Co.
    Mr. Cheung also met with representatives of Israel Diamonds Institute, Israel Mobile Association, Council for the promotion of Israel-China relations, Parliamentary Friendship Group with China and Jews of China Association.
    Two articles written by Mr. Cheung were published in Ming Pao Daily on Israel's water technology and Israel's innovation on November 16, 2009 and April 19, 2010 respectively.

    Israel’s water technology (Ming Pao Daily, Nov 16, 2009, p.D6)